Today the World Cup has officially begun, and it. Is. Awesome. We woke up, showered, put on our yellow, and began the day. 20140612-210735-76055939.jpg
In the residential streets there was little yellow and we were confused… And then we got downtown near the beach in Barra. We couldn’t pass a single Brazilian without them screaming BRASIL at us from about 2 on. Might I add we got caught in torrential down pour on our way there, so we were nice and damp the entire time.
FIFA has these incredible “Fan Fests” set up throughout the different home cities. It was this huge fenced in area next to the beach with a massive screen. There was super intense security, they did a metal detector check but I think it was mostly in case of riots.

(That’s Nicole from our group going through.)

Once inside, it was absolutely amazing. The screen was high enough that anywhere in the massive crowd you could see the game. Plus we just had a great spot.

We stayed the entire game. I can honestly say I hate almost all organized sports. If it involves running I usually don’t care. Except soccer. I was so into the game the entire time. Brazil played Croatia and Brazil winning definitely helped the atmosphere… The entire crowd had quite an aura and awesome “one-ness” about it. I didn’t see a single person not wearing something Brazil.

Something that really struck me was how badly they boo’d the president. At the beginning they were showing the stadium and the players. I had goosebumps it was so amazing how lively and passionate everyone was. As soon as they showed their president though instantly Brazilians all around us boo’d and boo’d until they went right back to cheering for the players. I’m quite worried for what will happen if Brazil loses the cup at any point, I hope its never when I’m there anyway. At the same time, I want them to just so the people finally revolt hard enough that something is done about the corruption and a change is made for the better of the country.

On a lighter note, thanks to the Brazilian open container laws as usual it was also a huge drinking fest. The games are sponsored by a popular beer here so that’s all they were selling inside along with coke. I’m pretty sure coke intends on taking over the world to be honest.

As amped as I am from this, I’m more excited for tomorrow. Look for me on tv during the Spain vs Netherlands game tomorrow. I’ll be the tiny dot in red in the tippy top corner.

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