My first World Cup game!!!

2 teams
6 goals
48,173 fans
4 of them asked to take pictures with me
3 others tried for kisses
1 bought me a beer
Amount of fun I had? Priceless. Infinity?

(Lolol sorry I’m lame)

But really if you told me 2 years ago I would be at a sporting event alone in Brazil, jumping up and down, screaming, drinking over priced gross beer without once checking my phone or time… I would never in a million years believe you. In fact no one probably even believes me when I say “I watched the whole game”. Okay, so I admit I’m pretty bad at routing for teams, despite being in Spain colors it’s just too much fun not to cheer for every goal when you actually don’t care who wins… España vs Netherlands, they’re both great!

The stadium is less than 2 miles from our house so we just walked. Traffic was bumper to bumper, some buses even turned around, made everyone get off, and said they were going somewhere else bc it was so useless. When we got there all around the stadium plaza was different things set up by sponsors and that alone was really cool. We met a bunch of Spaniards running around with a flag with “doggie” (use your imagination, and get it in the gutter). They were hilarious and sweet though.

I went with 2 other girls and we all had seats far from each other. Before you start worrying (mom) I felt COMPLETELY safe the entire time. We got to go down to the bottom at the start though and get pictures.

Everything I brought was tucked away on my body but the two other girls brought purses and we were all completely fine. Seriously the whole “Brazil is dangerous” thing is really “Brazil can be dangerous if you are an idiot, don’t be an idiot.” Also the stadium was SOOO NICE. All the things you hear, at least in Salvador at Fonte Nova, are dead wrong. My seats were in fact there and the entire structure was completely finished and extremely easy to navigate.


So for anyone ever going to a World Cup in the future:
1. You don’t need your ID of any sort. They barely checked the tickets whatsoever.
2. There were tons of empty seats all over and it turned into a free for all. Do whatever you want.
3. It really doesn’t matter what you wear. I saw some random shit that had nothing to do with the game.
4. If you are a white American girl, even though you’re safe, you will be hit on. A lot. Like a disgusting amount.

Which brings me to the final topic I wanted to voice my opinion about (rant): what the hell people? I thought other countries had had enough of Americans… I mean as far as our dominance on the culture of the world, our cockiness in general, and our involvement with other countries: we’re not exactly the nicest country to say the least. I would be sick of us… But no. Despite the fact that I was with two beautiful girls, Asian and Latino, I managed to receive most of the attention with my pale skin, light hair, and light eyes. As I mentioned in the beginning random men were coming up to me asking for pictures, one guy even bought me a drink. Granted I know I’m decent looking, but it was definitely because my skin. For gods sake there were signs all over the World Cup “say no to racism”. It’s the 21st century and that’s still necessary, pathetic. I didn’t realize just how precisely I look like the picture-esque American either. It’s not just white, kids from New Zealand, Australia and the UK seem to have a similar reaction when I see them out here, it’s the “USA” thing. One kid from England even tried to pretend to be an American, losing the accent to talk to me at a club. I love people of all color and cultures… I usually think they’re more beautiful in fact. I just think it’s so stupid, I’ll never be able to fully wrap my head around it.

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