My second game!

Well today was weird. It was Germany vs Portugal and I went with just one of my friends. Cristiano is hawwwwwt.

First off, what I learned about Germany:
-German is absolutely nothing like the English or any of the Romance languages so I couldn’t understand squat.
-They rage, hard. Extremely fun people.
-Lastly, they’re really hot.
-I need to go to Germany.

I had a seat in the lowest bowl completely surrounded by Germans on one side and coke on the other. Coke had these kids decked out, head to literally shoe, in Coke gear. They sat on their phones almost the entire game and looked really uninterested. They did cheer once when they were given, what I presume was, free coke. I was also in the last row, people stand around the last row a lot if they have shit seats. Which means people were constantly breaking my personal space and giving me a headache. Needless to say, I’m in a WONDERFUL mood.


After the game I couldn’t find the kid I went with. After being hit on by everyone from a 40 something from Minnesota to one of the workers I gave up and walked home. When I was talking to one group the one guy only knew how to say “fuck her, baby” in English. That was it. We had a great convo. Did I mention walking in there was a man who I assume was working standing up on this platform yelling into a megaphone “Linda Linda..” At girls. That means pretty/beautiful/gorgeous girl. Like, what? Anyway, out on the street there was something like a carnival going on. “Like a carnival” is the key there. There was a band playing, capoeira, guys on stilts, and a lot of strange things I didn’t understand. Like this giant robot.


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