The entire city has become something else entirely. I’ve only been talking about the games when the city itself is a whole new place. It’s entirely over run by tourists (not really sure what I’m considered anymore). This means drinking and parties all night every night in the tourist areas, Barra primarily. It is so fun, it’s like senior week with other countries, being legal, cheap booze, and no open container laws.

20140617-162157-58917499.jpg FIFA workers on night shift.

Made a guest performance at an outdoor restaurant.

Canadians we befriended.

I’m surprised by the large amount of Australians and New Zealanders out here. We’ve met tons and they’re all great, and really cute. Accents kill me. The taxis have tried to jack up prices and one girl was in fact called “stupid” by a taxi driver when she fought with him. The bus drivers have been much nicer. I’m not sure how one got in his head that we were lost, we weren’t. He called his friend who speaks English, while driving a public bus, to find out how we were lost and how to help. I repeat, we were not lost.

Now, between all the free drinks, skinny dipping in the ocean, going on stage, hanging out on our dock, eating homemade cakes our maid makes for us, going to World Cup games and fan fests, working on our samba moves, and smashing bottles (well just me that one time) we have been still going to classes. Traffic has become a MESS and getting anywhere far is nearly impossible. Luckily, tomorrow is our last day of classes and then we’re completely free and maybe I can sleep for more than 2 hours.

Now for a new segment, what creative ways have the locals found to hit on us:
-We’re in the bus and they stick their head through the window while stopped in traffic to try to talk to us.
-Taxi drivers, with their passengers, creating a traffic jam to yell things at us.
-I only saw this one, but a bus driver honked and tried to wave and hit on a girl walking by. He was on shift with passengers.
-“Can I kiss you?”
-“your hair… So blonde” *reaches to touch my hair* (I am in no way blonde or let him touch my hair)
-“damn girl, you can shake that booty” (I was standing talking to my friend, there was no dancing involved at all)
-We’ve had line ups. They’ll wait until we chase the latest annoyers off so they can come talk to us, in turn.
-“I love you. Do you know what that means?! EU AMO VOCE”
-“PORTUGUESSAA?!” (Nope, not Portuguese)
-“Portuguese? Español? Ingles?” As a 40+ guy chases after me while I’m with my entire family at the mall, Brazilian mother, father, and roommate.
-The most common is simply, “where are you from?” Which can actually get super interesting “Oh where in the US? …. How do you say, vampires?” Yes in fact I am from Transylvania in Romania. That is correct.

Okay so they’re actually not creative, just have no boundaries and it’s actually hilarious when I’m intoxicated enough not to be annoyed. It’s easy to chase them off though, it’s not like it’s scary. Flattering even for the first 5 minutes. But now just really annoying.

Also, I have yet to see a riot. I’m disappointed, it’s whatever.

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