Samba night is dead

Tuesday was supposed to be samba night in Pelourinho again, except not. Due to the World Cup game having a fanfest there the entire place was trashed, disgusting, and smelled like piss. There were barely any foreigners and there sure as hell weren’t any guys with their drums. We did a lap around the place before giving up and going home. I don’t have any pictures, didn’t bring my phone, but believe me when I say the place was everything it hadn’t been the week before. I just wanted to update after my thrilling post last week. My amazing and perfect night dies with that night. I think it might be better this way. The hype was too high and I don’t think it ever would’ve been topped anyway, nothing would live up to the week before. I think I would’ve only been more disappointed if it was close to it. I just feel bad for all the people I had been meeting, raving about samba night, and telling to go to it. Oops.

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