I believe that we will win…


For the big game against Portugal I hung out with my Brazilian friend for the day. We went down to the dock a bit before heading down to the boardwalk. I’ll really miss our dock probably the most… 20140623-202508-73508475.jpg
After we went down to one of the more westernized sports bars. Instantly we ran into Americans. We were adopted into their table just as quickly. There was a ton of us total at the table, probably 25, and no one knew more than 2 people prior. It was neat how quickly everyone came together.


Most of them had already been to an American game (so jealous) and knew all the chants. So rowdy, and it was SUCH a good game. Well, more or less despite the last 30 second tie. It got to the point that locals at the restaurant started videotaping our group because of our extreme enthusiasm. We stopped at another bar up the street for more shots then went to Pelourinho (the samba night place). Well this week is “São João”. It’s a holiday to celebrate the interior and farms and do the square dance (but Brazilian samba version). So in Pelourinho they had a massive concert, hundreds of people. It was fantastic and I had such a fun time again finally.

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