My British day (Fourth and final game)

I’m currently writing this blog on the beach. It won’t post now, I’ll have to get wifi (3 days later…). But it’s coming to a close (maybe?) and I had a free moment. I’m currently watching this: 20140626-201837-73117502.jpg
While doing this:

And also watching this:


So no I didn’t see England play and no I’m clearly not in England. But there’s an English boy (also a tourist) that I ran into a couple times and we decided to go to the Iran-Bosnia game together. No one else bought tickets, I didn’t just go to say I went to the World Cup as many have. Not anymore, I would’ve sold it. I actually love being there and watching (crazy to hear me say that, I know). The game was a great time and we had a blast.

I swear he was enjoying my company. The whole stadium looked a lot more empty than usual. 48,011 were in attendance for this game.

After the game we hung out around town all day and had a great time. We found our Canadian friends from earlier and spent the night out with them.



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