The Castle (and a real update)

I’ve been kind of MIA lately. Granted that post yesterday, it was really from days ago. I truly got off the grid and disappeared from life. I’ve been spending all my time with the British kids (specifically the one boy I met). They got this huge cottage mansion about an hour out of Salvador in the Lauro de Fritas area. The first time I went I thought I was going to get raped in the interior. It had a huge cement wall with an electric wire a top, really to make sure no one got in but made me more questionable at the time. Lauro de Fritas, especially where they live, was really in a nice area about two blocks from the coast. And I mean this was their place… 20140629-164043-60043567.jpg

They had rented a car and had a pool. It was the biggest house I had been in in all of Brazil yet. They also had a chicken and rooster that wandered around and tried to get into the house. 20140629-170445-61485282.jpg

I ended up bailing on going to the Amazon. Long story short: I couldn’t deal with the over bearing program anymore and the over the top program director. Instead I stayed in Salvador. This ended up being a VERY good choice. On what would’ve been my first full day in Manaus I instead woke up in Salvador with some of the worst food poisoning I ever had. The constant throwing up I could deal with. It was different than in Thailand because I had one of the highest fevers I’ve ever experienced. I was delusional, half blind, whispering weird things because I didn’t even have the strength to fully talk. I couldn’t move, not even feed myself water. I was so hot to the touch every time my skin touched itself in anyway I started crying and saying I was burning myself. I claimed I was the Khaleesi, dragon queen, Daenaerys (from Game of Thrones) and my skin was on fire and would burn anyone. I was dead serious at the time of announcement. The British boy took care of me better than anyone would’ve and we were trying to avoid the hospital at all costs. I woke up the next morning feeling okay. I was still incredibly weak and eating has yet to come naturally again. Could you imagine me in the Amazon? I would’ve been puking on endangered plants and animals if I even got out of bed at all.

On another note, LETS GO AMERICA!!! I missed most of the Germany game because of the rain. They have terrible sewage and water issues here so every time it rains it’s pretty much as if there’s a 10 foot snow storm and no one goes outside.


Also, a note on cops. I actually love the police here, unlike in the USA. At home and school I find the cops mostly useless. They go after stupid shit because they have nothing better to do. Here on the other hand they have real issues and don’t bother caring about some drunk girl walking down the street minding her own business. I love seeing them and feel more than safe when I see them with their massive rifles. They also love me. Instead when they see drunk little white girl walking down the street they go out of their way to talk to me. Whether it’s telling me what streets don’t have cops and not to walk down or where the best clubs are. (Yes, I’ve actually asked and received good answers from cops on what clubs to go to.) During my missing period at one point we asked a cop for directions and in turn they told us to get in and took us where we wanted to go.



It’s been a crazy past couple days, highs and lows unlike any roller coaster engineer could create. Before I was thinking of calling this post something like “the lack of good, mostly just the bad and the ugly”. But really, every cloud has it’s lining and this one was massive. I truly believe everything will work itself out. I couldn’t have gone to the amazon in my state and REALLY needed this time to relax and just not move. Last night alone I slept 16 hours. I needed a break. I love to hermit and this trip hasn’t allowed me to do that at all thus far. I checked myself into a hotel (all costs I’ve taken have been less than what the tours and time in the Amazon would’ve been: I’ve technically saved money). Somehow the cheapest hotel in Salvador at this time looks like this:




So really I’m just in full recovery, loving life. I’m still spending 2 nights in Manaus because of plane details but I’m kind of excited to explore it myself. Really I’m just missing my family and more than ready for Argentina in only a couple days!

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