Iguazu to Mendoza

We checked out of our room around 12 to head to the airport. We’d stayed at the Sheraton by the way and it was just fabulous. We had a layover in Buenos Aires. The airport was funny, they packed this tiny bus with the entire flight to drive us out to the plane. They really don’t believe in having a lot of ports at the Argentinian airports, but do just fine without. 20140709-183332-66812513.jpg



It was dark when we arrived in Mendoza and their airport only had one single port… Which neither of the planes there were using.


Also, one last note on the airports: THEY LOVE MESSI. I mean all of Argentina does, he’s literally the biggest celebrity. The airports are really just his personal showcase.


So we arrived in the night and really couldn’t see much of where we were staying, Posada Oliver. The owner came over and opened a bottle. He was such a sweet man, showing us around on maps and being very welcoming and helpful. The rooms were huge and we each had our own bed (so nice), I definitely really recommend this place. When we woke up the next morning we could really see the beautiful little bed and breakfast cottage we were staying at.

It was out of the city in the middle of the wineries, so it was pretty silent and in the country. It was adorable. Unfortunately, too cold to swim in the pool out back.

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