Cusco, Peru!

We arrived in Cusco a little late, around 1 on the 12th. This is coming so late because wifi in Peru is TERRIBLE. I’m trying to update each eventful day past with a different post as I can.
We got into the hotel and had a tour around 2. The city was SOO cute and it was actually really safe. On the tour we first went to an Incan Museum in the heart of Cusco.





It was originally an Incan building. It’s what was left over from the destructive Spaniards. The whole tour was mostly just about how the Incans built everything (aliens?) which is shown by the Lego type stone above. They were also super into constellations, that last picture was actually a massive painting. My favorite part was the view.


On the way out I got to hold a baby llama. It was just so precious. (These girls just carried them around and you give them a sol or two to hold it and take pictures.)



After that we went to the main square in Cusco.


I’m not sure the exact name of the place, he just said the cathedral… So we’ll go with that. Anyway, we went to the main cathedral which contains very intense and elaborate gold and silver structures dedicated to Jesus and Mary.




The tour guide was really passionate, and my mom was really into it too. Respect to everyone involved, but it’s not my sister’s or my kind of thing at all. Especially for that long, so we were mostly just like…


After that we drove about 15 minutes up one of the mountains next to the city to go and see Saqsayhuamán (sounds very similar to sexy woman). On the way to the buildings I saw some alpacas in the distance…



Back onto trail/topic.. Saqsayhuamán was a huge structure created by the Quechuan (said like catch-wan). Incans is incorrect, that’s really what the people are called. Incans were really only what they called the king/pharaoh/royalty.
It’s amazing the amount and size of the stones that they created into something so elaborate. The view and energy was unlike anything else.



We stopped by one other quick place next door that had all these natural caves. It was also built up and used by them.


Afterwards we came back to the hotel and walked downtown to get food and some shopping in. It really was just adorable and I love this city!

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