Flying into Quito!

My friend from home, Brittany, flew into Ecuador to meet me. We had somehow managed to mess up our tickets and I got there a day earlier and stayed with her family in Guayaquil. We had a pretty early flight from Guayaquil to Quito. The flight SHOULD only be 45 minutes but landing in Quito isn’t easy. Between the Andes and the ocean the winds make landing impossible. 5 people were running to the bathrooms puking and at one point the plane literally dropped a few feet. Everyone literally flew out of their seats. I’ve never really needed the seat belt before. It took an extra 45 minutes just to finally land. We had an escort who picked us up and first took us to the center of the earth.





This is the fake one that everyone used to believe was the equator. We refused to pay to get in and really see it.


After that we went up to this statue… I asked the name and couldn’t get a real response.


The view was INCREDIBLE. You could see all of Quito.



After that we checked into our hotel and got lunch on our own. We had no idea what was going on but paid $2.50 to get what’s considered the normal lunch? The rice and potatoes were good but we got this rubbery fish like meat that I just couldn’t get down. It also came with a soup and juice. Can’t complain for $2.50.


Our hotel room was really nice, a loft type 2 story room. We took a nice long nap before heading out. We went to Plaza Fosh. It was super touristy but also really fun. We ended up meeting an Israeli and 2 Australians. They were fun and then we ended up running into a Columbia, an Argentinian, and a Peruvian. During week days the bars are supposed to close so we went to a secret salsa club about 2 blocks away off the main strip. It. Was. Awesome. I’ve never salsa’d before but everyone there knew what they were doing, spinning us around.




No one spoke much English there so Britt and I were on our own with our Spanish. We didn’t do too bad either if I do say so myself.

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