Whale spotting!

Super behind on the blogs, I’ll do my best to catch up. SO we had the morning in Montañita and just hung out in the hotel and beach on Sunday.

Breakfast. 20140723-183950-67190205.jpg

Britt’s grandfather picked us up and we stopped to go whale watching on the way home. I call this whale spotting because we actually spotted one!!!! Last time I went it was a huge bust. We went to Ayangue, a port that’s famous for it’s whale spotting. Apparently it’s the time of year all the whales come in to have their babies in the area. Her grandfather had old friends there so we just got this tiny boat with 3 locals, two of which were kids, and went out.



We found two average sized whales and followed them around for awhile. They didn’t do anything super, super cool so I didn’t get any great pictures, but I did get a blow, a fin, and a tail. This is what I got:





I started to feel a little woozy after the trip though. We stopped to get lunch in Salinas about another half hour along the trek back. It was a cute town but I didn’t get any pictures because luckily I spent the entire time in the bathroom.

I have really perfected the ultimate diet this month: food poisoning. Quick way to drop a pound or two in no time and seriously no effort required.

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