Las Peñas

I spent a total of around 4 days in Guayaquil with Brittany’s family between the trips. I’m going to do two separate posts on that and this one is dedicated to Las Peñas. On the hill in Guayaquil the people took over the hillside for colorful favela like homes. The city took it back and created a 444 step walk. We did it the one day. 20140723-190820-68900364.jpg

At the top there was a massive lighthouse, great view, and a pirate restaurant.






On one of my first nights in Guayaquil we went to Las Peñsas for drinks. I was waiting for Brittany’s flight for a day or two. Long story short we messed up dates and I was alone in Ecuador with her fam… Everything turned out okay. She has a young aunt who took me out. Only the first 80 steps were open and they held all the bars. We went to this bar around the corner from it that was PACKED.

It was the most hipster bar I’ve ever been to. Yes those are cats on the walls.

20140724-042543-15943309.jpg the pictures suck but I did my best.



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