Back to my favorite city!

We left Guayaquil for Buenos Aires, I absolutely love Buenos Aires! I was weary of our “tour” since I had been on one before. But I shouldn’t have been, this tour was so amazing, only us, and the weather was perfect. The tour guide was a younger woman and spoke perfect English, she was great.

First we went back to the historic district, I’ve already posted the pink palace and such. This time we went into one of the museum/churches. They had guards everywhere, England status. 20140726-110432-39872009.jpg

Second we went to San Telmo. I didn’t get to go to San Telmo my first time here and was so disappointed. I love it. It’s an extremely cute little area.

We got coffee at this cute and famous place within the Old Market in San Telmo.

I also found a nice doll store (mom).


After that we went to La Boca. This time we walked through different parts of the area. Also, thanks to the weather being so much nicer artists were out with their work everywhere and people dressed in tango clothes walked about. I loved Boca the first time but love it even more now.





Thanks to the weather and it being personal we could also actually stop and see the flower and the obelisk too.




After that we went back to the hotel and got ready for a dinner tango show! We had no idea what we were in for… It turned out to be incredibly fancy.



It also turned out we were the only people under 35 there without a parent. It was fine though thanks to the wine-included, we were having more than enough fun with the wait staff.


Afterwards we went out in Palermo Soho where everyone told us to go. It was only Wednesday… But we still found a fun club to hang out at for a little. Definitely an amazing second trip out in Buenos Aires! We have one more night here on our stop through and I’m only more excited than the last. I love this city.

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