Woke up in London, went to bed in Prague

My Thanksgiving break in Europe has begun!

I got into London in the afternoon and then proceeded to sleep most of the rest of the afternoon. We went out and I had my first proper drink in a London pub, homemade Earl Grey (tea) gin and tonic water.



I woke up the next morning in London, it was surreal. Only the night before Nick divulged the secret of where my birthday vacation trip was to, within 12 hours of take off and I had no idea previously. We had to take the tube and a train to the London Gatwick airport to catch our flight to Prague.


The flight from London to Prague was only about an hour and a half but Prague’s an hour ahead of London and with all the other travel included by the time we got into the city it was 5 and dark. It seems to get dark incredibly early here. We’re staying at the Brixen Praha Hotel. It’s a 10 minute walk from the main square and tourist area, so it’s pretty perfect.


As soon as we dropped out stuff off and exchanged some money (1:22 exchange rate) we scoured the city looking for a bar that was playing the Arsenal-ManU game. After literally an hour we finally found this “sports bar” packed with fans.


We tried to go to a restaurant for dinner that Nick’s friend strongly recommended with traditional Czech cuisine. After being heavily ripped off by a cabbie we got there and found out the restaurant was closed. Great. We got a meal at this (crappy) Italian restaurant (it looked nice the food just sucked) instead next door. The city of Prague is quite small and if you want you can walk everywhere. It’s just really hard: no grid system, all the road names are in hard czech, and the road names change at certain points along the same road. So after our taxi experience we said screw it and tried to hike back up to the main tourist area. We saw a lot of crazy beautiful buildings on the way back, despite sometimes doing circles and being beyond lost. We stumbled upon some famous ones, like Henry’s Bell Tower.


The National Theater


This cool plexi glass building next to it:


The Bethlehem Chaple (which was actually super lame?)


Along with a few other random fun streets and buildings…







But my favorite is the Old Town Hall. We first saw it peeking up…
The building turned up looking like the kingdom in Disney. It was beautiful!


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