A sum of Prague

Since I’ve been back in London I thought it would be a good idea to kind of make a list of things I learned that would be helpful to anyone ever going there. Just in case.

1. Don’t pay for Prague Castle. It’s only for “exhibits”. Honestly, we were more than happy with what we experienced without paying. You can walk the grounds and still go inside without paying a cent.

2. Eat the street food!!!! They don’t have anything super sketchy, they’re more like little stands. They were my favorite of the food I ate the entire time there. Trdelnick was my absolute favorite.

3. Do NOT get a taxi once inside the city. Do. Not. The city is small enough that you can easily walk everywhere. We walked into multiple hotels asking for maps until we got one that we liked, they hand them out like candy. They are the super touristy easy to read ones. Even though, the street names are not easy to say and remember (all in Czech) but there are basic massive landmarks all over that we quickly picked up on to figure out which way to go.

4. Speaking of walking, they walk on the right there. (Same as the U.S.) this thrilled me.

5. It’s a really clean city. I was actually astonished at how nice it was. As far as I know, safety wasn’t a big issue either.

6. Another thing when you’re walking- look around and look back! The architecture of the buildings in this city is insane and sometimes the backs are better than the fronts. Always remember to look behind you.

7. As far as food and everything else went I was told The Czech Republic was extremely cheap. It may be, but this was absolutely false in Prague. The prices were right around the same as the US. Which is nice compared to every other European city, but it’s nothing mind blowing.

8. When eating out- tips aren’t always included. The bill usually has in big print at the bottom if they’re not. They only ask for 10% usually if they do. We didn’t notice this for the first few places (to look) and I felt really bad after.

9. When you are going out to eat or drink, GET OUT OF THE TOURISM! The worst, most expensive, and all around bad experiences for food were in more of the tourist area. Walk just a little bit more out of the city and you’ll hit the real Czech areas that have fabulous food and drink. (Like the bar strip I mentioned in my second Prague post.)

10. Don’t drink the liquor. It’s ratchet and watered down. Okay, don’t even drink the wine. It comes from sketchy plastic bottles. I am 21 and at a drinking peak in my life and I couldn’t even handle the wine. This is a beer country and I suggest you drink it.

11. You don’t need much time in this city. You can easily see and do everything you want to in 2 days. (As far as being a tourist goes.)

12. They call Prague ‘Praha’


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