Ruin Bars

So I have one last post from Budapest and this one goes out to the drinks. The only thing that was open on Sundays, and everywhere, were places with booze. Nick and I stopped in one pizza place because he wanted pizza at 2pm. They did not serve pizza but they did serve me some mulled wine. Every block you can find somewhere that serves booze. Food or anything else is hard to come by.

Anyway, more than just the alcohol- Budapest has the most hipster, insane bars I’ve ever been to. I thought Prague was bohemian, I had never been to a Ruin Bar. These “ruin bars” are just old dilapidated buildings that are filled with random crap from second hand stores or likewise. I’m not sure if that sounds good or not but they’re actually so awesome.

Sorry this is SO blurry but it’s all I ended up with from the outside of Szimple. This is probably the most popular ruin bar and the coolest we found ourselves upon.


The inside was just un-capturable. There was a map when you walk in. 3 floors, multiple rooms, multiple bars, rooms with hookah, rooms with food, outdoor patios, massive projectors, the whole shebang.






I know this all looks like a blur but it was much too cool not to post about. We found a few others, one even Mexican themed, but that was the coolest. In another we did find multiple pianos and games though…


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