Quick Pit Stop

We stayed the night in Brussels for their train station (main hub). Everyone I’ve talked to has told me that Brussels was not worth your time, and I can’t say we felt like we missed much.

Our hotel was about two blocks from the train station. That’s as far as we went into Brussels. Crazy enough, of all places, Brussels has a large market on Sundays. I have been to multiple countries where not a single store is open on a Sunday yet here of all places there was a market with everything and anything you could possibly ask for.


I got one of the waffles here and it was AMAZING. I don’t know what kind of glaze they put on the waffle but it was glorious and I went back for a second.


My last comments on the country are that they seem to have some kind of sewer issues. Seriously, it constantly smelt like pure human poop in random places. It was terrible, especially the whole 2 blocks we went in Brussels. Ugh.

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