Gone to visit Ferdinand and Isabella

I woke up and due to scheduling despite my desire to not, it was a day trip travel kind of day. Seville is centrally located in the south of Spain so it was a great location to day trip from. My only complaint was that there were too many places to choose from. I really wanted to see Gibraltar but it was a very long bus ride with little time between to actually be there. I could go to the beach, Cadiz or Malaga. Out of ease (laziness) and lack of brain power to decision make I decided on Córdoba. I previously wanted to go here, nixed it, and now here I am. Córdoba seems to have a lot of mixed reviews as to being worth going to more than other places. And despite my lack of planning for Córdoba from my 33 page PowerPoint (not kidding, I love planning) I set off. I went by an over priced quick train. I also want to add now, I loved my choice and didn’t regret it. This is shown by my hundreds of pictures I’m about to post…


I saw that on the way… Like what? Random castles between the orange vineyards. 
I think the city has public wifi, that or I signed off in Spanish to use the wifi probably for the price of my 3 first born children. Either way, it was awesome. From previous GPS I found my way through gardens and continued with the newfound wifi. Gardens is kind of an understatement…. Fountains, shops, and orange trees. 








I followed along and ended up at the Cruz Roja de Córdoba. 




Walking from the train station, Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba and Virgen de Los Faroles came first and was where my path led. It was €8 to get in (adult, no student discount) and completely worth it. As everyone knows, I am not one to pay to go into things but this is not the place to be stingy with those whole eight euros. 

























I walked around back to find the old Roman Bridge and the Calahorra Tower. It was Mereen, straight out of Game of Thrones.  





















Last but not least, the Alcazar. 



After that, I got paella, wandered, and found some art displays before leaving Córdoba. 



I still hate paella, Spanish food does not do good things for my stomach. I also ended up not being let on my train because I “wasn’t early enough”. But, I got on the next one at no extra cost and all was fine. 

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