The end of Andalusia

I had my first minor glitch today in Granada. It wasn’t anything major or plan altering- mostly just annoying. By going to Córdoba instead of spending that extra day in Seville, and then having the day in Seville so slow/rough, it left very little time for Granada. I thought I had a whole day and a half when in turn I really only had half of a day. Half of a day is NOT enough for Granada by any means. I’m sure Granada is doable in a day, but in no way half a day. 

I woke up early to get to the Alhambra. They only admit a little over 400 people into the massive park at a time, and sell about 300 of the tickets online. This leaves very little wiggle room. I tried to get tickets the day before but they were sold out. They also only admit people into the palace in even less abundance so you have a single specified hour. I couldn’t get an early enough time and ended up having to skip that. Oh well.  It was still absolutely beautiful. In a fluster I ended up getting the audio guide. It wasn’t that great honestly, but I’m glad I got it. I knew absolutely nothing so it clued me in quite a bit about the Moors and the Muslim history of Medina and Alcazaba in Granada that I barely knew existed. There also are barely any signs at all so it may have been for the best. I did the whole park in 3 hours, but I would assume the average was much longer. I started with Generalife and then moved on to the rest. 


The man who planted these beautiful roof top flowers came over to me and told me to go look at them, a little out of the main paths view and not as easily noticed. He was so proud of them, it was adorable. 

















 To be continued…






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