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Game of Thrones and Star Wars sets

The day in Seville was a rough day… My friend living there showed me a real Spanish experience the night before (when I got home from Córdoba) and we needed to get an early start on the day… It wasn’t a great equation. 


Olivia had off and took me around the city. We were off to the Alcazar! We first passed the Giralda on the way. 



I was so excited for this. They filmed some of the new season of Game of Thrones here and I’m clearly a big fan. We spent about an hour walking around the grounds, just letting our allergies soak in all the pollen.





We walked down to the river and around the Arenal area seeing the Royal Bullring and men tanning amongst other things.



To top off my nerdy fan girl day we went to Plaza de España… Where part of Star Wars was filmed. I was blown away. 




We took a nice scenic route back through the city before I was off to Granada!



A teaser

I flew from Amsterdam to Seville, parting with Nick as he flew back to London. I have a friend studying abroad in the city so once I got settled in I met up with her. I only got to see a little of the city that night and on my walk to the train station the next day. I’m SO exited to explore the city, it was a nice teaser that I thought I would share…