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My life in airports (not airplanes)

Our flight has been delayed leaving Hawaii about 2.5 hours now due to a flight attendant “getting hurt”. She now “has her prescription” so we are able to board (relatively soon). Despite my flight time average being at about 8hrs after the past year, I think it’s more than safe to say I spend more time in the airport.

I only had 48 hours home, and it’s now looking like I’ll have 44 hours in my hometown before taking off to move to London for 5 months. I am not packed for London. I am not completely unpacked from school. This is a nightmare.

Also, the airline staff working here is completely incompetent. I rather be in Brazil trying to figure things out in a different language than deal with this absurdity. The computer systems they have these already inept workers using is straight out of 1997 and I’m pretty sure I could program it myself. It’s actually one of those black screens with the white lettering, I saw when he completely turned his screen around to show me (I may have been annoying him even more than he was annoying me).

The United States does not fly by island time, that includes you Hawaii. THIS ISNT EVEN HAWAII AIR.

Just seahorsing around…

Through the night we had a storm with thunder the sound of bombs shaking the entire house. So, the weather the next day still wasn’t great. We took advantage of the cooler weather to go on a minor hike along the coast where we could watch the massive waves still coming in against the old molten rock. The trail was called “King’s Road” at the Ho’okena Beach Park.




You can see the molten rock over the edge of the cliff where it ran opposite the ocean. Also, all along are old fisher villages and you can see the base of the rock walls still stands.











My favorite part of the trail was an old stone bridge. On the left was a magma wall with lava tubes and on the right was the ocean.




Later in the day we went to the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm. It was located right next to the Kona airport. It’s really neat, the first seahorse farm of its type. They’ve extended life expectancies and the population of seahorses.

I’ll start with some of the food… SEA MONKEYS



Then we just got to see tubs and tubs of the seahorses. Their behavior was actually so interesting to watch, wrapping around each other and playing.








Then… The coolest part… We got to hold a seahorse.








These are all the American Seahorses, at the end they also have a small aquarium with some of the other varieties.





Surges and Summits

It was our first full day in Hawaii, my sister and I went to visit our dad for Christmas on the Big Island.

They’d had big winds right before we came so there was a massive surge. We didn’t go in the nearly four foot waves, but we went and watched surfers who did in Kaelakekua Bay. The waves don’t even look that giant until you see the tiny tiny surfer in it.



That evening we went to Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea is located in the center of the island with a summit 13,000 feet above sea level. One of the most amazing observatories is located there, NASA’s tested rovers near the top because the land conditions are supposed to be similar to the moon, and the smithsonian even has some set ups there. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the stars that the summit is famed for due to clouds. BUT thanks to the clouds we got one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen. The sun was actually setting on the second row of clouds.