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Wine tasting in Mendoza!

We bailed on doing a tour with one of the companies and instead decided to go for it on our own. The owner of the B&B ended up helping us pick wineries, making reservations for us, and ended up going to the first one with us.

Alta Vista is apparently one of the most famous wineries in South America with the 31st best wine in the world.








The wine was really good, nothing magnificent in my taste. I’m no expert though. They had this “torrentes” wine that I’ve never heard of in the US. It’s popular here. It smells like sweet wine but tastes quite dry. It’s a wonderful white wine and I fell in love.

Next we hit up Bodega Lagarde. It was another big and popular place.






The place was packed with Argentinian families so we had our own private tasting. The guide was busy and put us in this very fancy room. It was wonderful. He even let us hang out for a long time with the bottles, just talking and drinking.



We ended up staying too long to catch lunch anywhere and got extremely lost just trying to get home.



We ended up buying stuff from a bakery and asking for directions. A wonderful woman ended up giving us a ride back, and then I immediately passed out. We thought two wineries would be too little… We very quickly learned our lesson.

Mendoza and the Andes!

Today my mom, sister, and I woke up to do a group bus tour to the Andes! They picked us up right at our place in Mendoza at about 8 and didn’t get home until about 6. We spent a solid amount of that time in the coach bus, but it was totally worth it.
Our first stop was at this man made lake at the beginning of the mountains. 20140709-211848-76728100.jpg


At first I was just taking pictures of everything, no idea what was really in store.




We stopped in this tiny town called Upsallata (about 50k population) within the Andes. It was absolutely adorable. I FINALLY found some homemade jewelry like I had been looking for and expecting all through South America. I could get an authentic present or two finally (Acacia).


It was crazy to see people renting snow boots and pants. Coming from Pennsylvania I didn’t really consider it cold and snow is not that great. It was crazy to know it was the first time some of these people would ever see it, nonetheless sled.



Where we stopped there were some lodges, sledding, and a ski lift. We got tickets and took the ski lift up. This bit was in Argentina but the entire time we were going back and forth between Chile and Argentina, or so we were told.



The top was unbelievable.





After that we went to the “Pointo del Inca”. It’s an old Incan bridge that was naturally formed in the mountains.




Our last stop was lunch at the top of this wooden hostel/restaurant building.



It was a truly incredible tour and day. I’ve never been to any huge mountain ranges like this in the US so the longest one in the world really blew me away.

Iguazu to Mendoza

We checked out of our room around 12 to head to the airport. We’d stayed at the Sheraton by the way and it was just fabulous. We had a layover in Buenos Aires. The airport was funny, they packed this tiny bus with the entire flight to drive us out to the plane. They really don’t believe in having a lot of ports at the Argentinian airports, but do just fine without. 20140709-183332-66812513.jpg



It was dark when we arrived in Mendoza and their airport only had one single port… Which neither of the planes there were using.


Also, one last note on the airports: THEY LOVE MESSI. I mean all of Argentina does, he’s literally the biggest celebrity. The airports are really just his personal showcase.


So we arrived in the night and really couldn’t see much of where we were staying, Posada Oliver. The owner came over and opened a bottle. He was such a sweet man, showing us around on maps and being very welcoming and helpful. The rooms were huge and we each had our own bed (so nice), I definitely really recommend this place. When we woke up the next morning we could really see the beautiful little bed and breakfast cottage we were staying at.

It was out of the city in the middle of the wineries, so it was pretty silent and in the country. It was adorable. Unfortunately, too cold to swim in the pool out back.