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What… Just… Happened…

1. I am never traveling with anyone ever again. The past 8 hours have been out of a dream and I know that if I was with anyone else they wouldn’t have happened. (I’m totally going to regret saying this and get mugged in 5 minutes… Knock on wood.)

2. Everything. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I don’t believe in “fate” or “karma” necessarily, but I do believe if you make the most out of every situation you won’t regret your decisions.

I’m currently in the airport waiting for my flight to Manaus writing this. Despite all the “wifi” signs: total lie. No wifi. I should’ve been waiting here, moody and annoyed, about 5 days ago. Instead I’m high on life with a massive skip in my step. Missing my flight was maybe my best choice yet. As I said before, I had insane food poisoning so it wouldn’t have been worth the money anyway plus I really, really needed to chill and veg out. But I had been a total vegetable barely leaving my hotel rooms for about 3 days now and I started craving human interaction. I had checked out of my hotel at 12 but my flight wasn’t until 12:10am the next day. I figured I would just chill in the lobby, watch the two games, be lame, use the wifi, etc. Well whatever was out there decided that wasn’t happening and the universe was done with my vegging and needed me back in the game.
The hotel let me check my luggage so I wouldn’t have to watch it. I was looking at the menu at the hotel restaurant when a boisterous American passed by me “ITS ALL GOOD, GO FOR IT. I PROMISE!” On his way back I questioned him a little more, with little doing he pushed me in the door and I found myself with a plate of food at a table with him and his friend. They were getting amped for the USA game and I was despondent. All I wanted to do was attend a Brazil and/or USA game (don’t mean to complain, I realize how incredibly lucky I already am). It just sucked being in Salvador, right there, my flight in hours, and the USA team being a half an hour taxi ride away. They encouraged me enough to at least debate going, sharing a taxi helped a lot. Low and behold I turn around to see three men at a table with a sign “selling USA x BELGIUM tickets”. If that’s not a sign (which I don’t really believe in but…) I don’t know what is. (It was totally logistically bound to happen.) I bid the guy down and within 20 minutes of my quiet afternoon I was dressing myself in American flags, beer in hand, on my way the game. Wait, what? Yeah that happened. 20140702-073141-27101739.jpg





The game was… Amazing. I don’t care that we lost, any soccer fan could tell you it was a hell of a game. We were so close… Right there… Anyway, no more fretting.
We were one of three major USA fan section. Due to the stadium not being too big and the sections all being close, when one section started up all three were together, echoing through the entire stadium. People don’t kid when they say how intense USA fans are. Any Brazilian will tell you, we are number one in national spirit. We were in the front of our section too so I even got to lead some of the “I Believe” chants. I had thousands of people chanting along with something I started. It was truly unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The other games were fun and amazing… But nothing like this. Fuck yeah, ‘Merica!



And since we’re Americans we can’t just make things easy either. Granted this is already Brazil and you get away with so much we have to push it to the limit (cause we’re Americans, duh). Look like you know what you’re doing and people leave you alone… Went in the wrong entrance, stood in the wrong seats, and cut all the lines. Still we have to push it.
In the stadium you HAVE to sit. Well we’re Americans, we stand for games, we stand for our country, and only the threat of Brazilian jail made us sit. That and the fact that we were the smallest section so they knew they had the best bet of control.






The game ended in good time and I was on my way to the airport! 44% battery, no converter, and 2.5 hours to kill. I was still way too amped to even think about this. I found a “Budweiser booth” which promised charging and free wifi (ha… ha).


I saw some one had a converter with multiple outlets so I asked to use it. I ended up finding two Australian travelers and used their charger while hanging out with them. Quickly over time 5 Brazilians jumped in the conversation and we had a whole group hang out. But anyway, back to the craziest story I’ve heard yet: the one Australian was from Iraq and have moved to Australia when he was 5. His parents were abused by the past rulings (dad lost an arm) and they trekked 7 days walking to Iran to get out. He didn’t like to into detail but I had never meant someone from Iraq before and lightly pressed for details. He kind of murmured over it and made light since he wasn’t old enough to remember any of it. He could’ve been lying, I mean he did speak some kind of language to me that was definitely from the Middle East. But either way: that’s insane. The people you meet when traveling, especially I’ve found being alone permits the best situations, are the most unique people. They’re incredible and part of this entire experience is just meeting all these crazy new people along the adventure.

Traveling alone

I. Love. It. As my mom said, I probably like it too much. It’s just my vacation from my vacation from my vacation…

It’s been I think 3 days since the Brits went back to England and I’ve been fully on my own. I don’t even have a concept of time anymore, it’s luxurious. I don’t know how people traveled before the Orbitz app just told them where to go after they booked it all.
The hotel I had been staying at the past 2 nights jacked up prices for the World Cup game today. It’s absolutely killing me I’m not there, but anyway… It over tripled the price I’d been paying. (The hotel is in walking distance from the stadium… But still, c’mon.) So I’d booked one night at what appeared to be a nice hotel right outside of Salvador a little over halfway to the airport. It also happened to be the cheapest hotel in Salvador for the night. This was the lovely surprise I got when I went out back to sit down and write this:


I only stopped in quick to put my things in my room. Again: two beds. I imagine seeing this when traveling alone might make one slightly nostalgic. Nope. This means one thing to me: MEGABED. I insist on pushing both beds together and laying diagonal across them both for maximum usage. Also, when you can’t sleep it works much better as a trampoline to pummel in your underwear at 4am.


I find that my own fears and shyness that hold me back from exploring alone are still lower than the average person I’ve traveled with when they had company. I feel so much more free, no longer held back by the horrible boring and basic personality constraints of the people that constantly seem to surround me. My only complaint continues to be that I’m a woman and quite frankly it’s the only time I wish I wasn’t. The constant threats for the female race in comparison to the male is just not fair. Why can’t I have Liam Neeson in my family for if I’m ever taken?

I’m not sure why but men continue to ask for pictures with me, like foreigners in Brazil. Get some with Brazilian girls, not American in Brazil. It’s not even like I’m draped in USA gear or something memorable to want a cool pictures with. Yesterday waiting for a taxi in the lobby I wore no make up, an oversized marvel action heroes tank top, and sneakers. I still managed to see a guy trying to take a mirror pic with me in it. He eventually gave up and just asked to get one with me. Ugh. I will never understand such motivation.

I realize being alone will get old, as does having company. But right now, I’m more than satisfied sleeping, playing duolingo to get me back in the Spanish mindset, and reading Game of Thrones. Oh and totally swimming in that luxurious pool(s) of course.


The Castle (and a real update)

I’ve been kind of MIA lately. Granted that post yesterday, it was really from days ago. I truly got off the grid and disappeared from life. I’ve been spending all my time with the British kids (specifically the one boy I met). They got this huge cottage mansion about an hour out of Salvador in the Lauro de Fritas area. The first time I went I thought I was going to get raped in the interior. It had a huge cement wall with an electric wire a top, really to make sure no one got in but made me more questionable at the time. Lauro de Fritas, especially where they live, was really in a nice area about two blocks from the coast. And I mean this was their place… 20140629-164043-60043567.jpg

They had rented a car and had a pool. It was the biggest house I had been in in all of Brazil yet. They also had a chicken and rooster that wandered around and tried to get into the house. 20140629-170445-61485282.jpg

I ended up bailing on going to the Amazon. Long story short: I couldn’t deal with the over bearing program anymore and the over the top program director. Instead I stayed in Salvador. This ended up being a VERY good choice. On what would’ve been my first full day in Manaus I instead woke up in Salvador with some of the worst food poisoning I ever had. The constant throwing up I could deal with. It was different than in Thailand because I had one of the highest fevers I’ve ever experienced. I was delusional, half blind, whispering weird things because I didn’t even have the strength to fully talk. I couldn’t move, not even feed myself water. I was so hot to the touch every time my skin touched itself in anyway I started crying and saying I was burning myself. I claimed I was the Khaleesi, dragon queen, Daenaerys (from Game of Thrones) and my skin was on fire and would burn anyone. I was dead serious at the time of announcement. The British boy took care of me better than anyone would’ve and we were trying to avoid the hospital at all costs. I woke up the next morning feeling okay. I was still incredibly weak and eating has yet to come naturally again. Could you imagine me in the Amazon? I would’ve been puking on endangered plants and animals if I even got out of bed at all.

On another note, LETS GO AMERICA!!! I missed most of the Germany game because of the rain. They have terrible sewage and water issues here so every time it rains it’s pretty much as if there’s a 10 foot snow storm and no one goes outside.


Also, a note on cops. I actually love the police here, unlike in the USA. At home and school I find the cops mostly useless. They go after stupid shit because they have nothing better to do. Here on the other hand they have real issues and don’t bother caring about some drunk girl walking down the street minding her own business. I love seeing them and feel more than safe when I see them with their massive rifles. They also love me. Instead when they see drunk little white girl walking down the street they go out of their way to talk to me. Whether it’s telling me what streets don’t have cops and not to walk down or where the best clubs are. (Yes, I’ve actually asked and received good answers from cops on what clubs to go to.) During my missing period at one point we asked a cop for directions and in turn they told us to get in and took us where we wanted to go.



It’s been a crazy past couple days, highs and lows unlike any roller coaster engineer could create. Before I was thinking of calling this post something like “the lack of good, mostly just the bad and the ugly”. But really, every cloud has it’s lining and this one was massive. I truly believe everything will work itself out. I couldn’t have gone to the amazon in my state and REALLY needed this time to relax and just not move. Last night alone I slept 16 hours. I needed a break. I love to hermit and this trip hasn’t allowed me to do that at all thus far. I checked myself into a hotel (all costs I’ve taken have been less than what the tours and time in the Amazon would’ve been: I’ve technically saved money). Somehow the cheapest hotel in Salvador at this time looks like this:




So really I’m just in full recovery, loving life. I’m still spending 2 nights in Manaus because of plane details but I’m kind of excited to explore it myself. Really I’m just missing my family and more than ready for Argentina in only a couple days!

My British day (Fourth and final game)

I’m currently writing this blog on the beach. It won’t post now, I’ll have to get wifi (3 days later…). But it’s coming to a close (maybe?) and I had a free moment. I’m currently watching this: 20140626-201837-73117502.jpg
While doing this:

And also watching this:


So no I didn’t see England play and no I’m clearly not in England. But there’s an English boy (also a tourist) that I ran into a couple times and we decided to go to the Iran-Bosnia game together. No one else bought tickets, I didn’t just go to say I went to the World Cup as many have. Not anymore, I would’ve sold it. I actually love being there and watching (crazy to hear me say that, I know). The game was a great time and we had a blast.

I swear he was enjoying my company. The whole stadium looked a lot more empty than usual. 48,011 were in attendance for this game.

After the game we hung out around town all day and had a great time. We found our Canadian friends from earlier and spent the night out with them.



Down low

Today I bailed on going to the beach with the penn state group. Other than just not having any desire, I really just am not the biggest fan of the beach. Don’t get me wrong I like it, but I don’t LOVE it. I don’t find the need to go every day, not at all. So I spent the day with my Brazilian mom and Brazilian friend Isabela. We went down to the low area? They just call it like low. So I’m calling it down low. We first went to Bonfim church, it’s very popular and tourist here. 20140624-165956-61196912.jpg




After that we drove around the area just being tourists. And let me tell you, I don’t think I’ve talked about driving here much yet, so driving in itself is a major thing. The lines on the roads, stop signs, and red lights mean absolutely nothing to everyone. No one follows them. When driving you have to be paying 100% attention. When a car is there, you avoid the car. That’s the major road rule everyone follows. And somehow, god knows how, I haven’t seen a single accident yet. I keep waiting… Nothing.






After that we went on the “boardwalk” and went to a very famous ice cream place. But when we parked I finally got some vandals in action. So here in Brazil they say they love fireworks. Fireworks are not really a thing, just loud noise. Well, a loud noise very similar to a gun shot. The first few times I heard it I literally crouched down and thought I was being shot at. 12 year olds run around throwing these damn grenade like things. They run away giggling as they scare the shit out of anyone walking past. I once saw these like 60 year old women in shacks selling them to these 12 year olds. Anyway I finally saw them actually do it and it’s like little colored balls.

Anyway, back to the ice cream: apparently this place is super popular/famous/touristy.


I got tapioca and it was bawlin, like vanilla with the little balls. I’ve never seen anything like it in the US.

A big part of what I enjoy most is just looking at the different buildings and homes. What the area is really like. Because between run down this…


Are hidden gems like these…



A little… North?

Yesterday we had gone to our program director’s house for a “farewell dinner”. I’m not really sure where I was… But it was north up the coast from Salvador. His apartment was incredibly beautiful and modern. We went to the beach for a little. I’ve become so spoiled by being here even I considered it “cold” at a solid 65 degrees. The ocean let into this inlet “river” as they called it. At first I thought everyone was flying kites along the shore but as we got closer I saw it was really windsurfers. 20140624-113601-41761081.jpg


They were flying like birds through the air the winds were so heavy. When I one day gain arm strength (LOL) this is definitely number one on my to-do’s.

I believe that we will win…


For the big game against Portugal I hung out with my Brazilian friend for the day. We went down to the dock a bit before heading down to the boardwalk. I’ll really miss our dock probably the most… 20140623-202508-73508475.jpg
After we went down to one of the more westernized sports bars. Instantly we ran into Americans. We were adopted into their table just as quickly. There was a ton of us total at the table, probably 25, and no one knew more than 2 people prior. It was neat how quickly everyone came together.


Most of them had already been to an American game (so jealous) and knew all the chants. So rowdy, and it was SUCH a good game. Well, more or less despite the last 30 second tie. It got to the point that locals at the restaurant started videotaping our group because of our extreme enthusiasm. We stopped at another bar up the street for more shots then went to Pelourinho (the samba night place). Well this week is “São João”. It’s a holiday to celebrate the interior and farms and do the square dance (but Brazilian samba version). So in Pelourinho they had a massive concert, hundreds of people. It was fantastic and I had such a fun time again finally.

My 3rd World Cup game!

This time it was France vs. Switzerland. 51,003 people. I didn’t get a ticket ahead of time but tried to see what I could find… Easy as pie. Got a ticket within minutes for only 45USD. OOOKAY! 20140620-194241-70961148.jpg
Due to it being in Brazil and no one giving a shit we managed to find 4 seats super close and sit together. The game was (another) blow out. 6-2. I swear I’m bad luck or the stadium is cursed. The seats we found were between all the French fans who went ALL out.

It was a pretty fun game, I’m really glad we got in!



Samba night is dead

Tuesday was supposed to be samba night in Pelourinho again, except not. Due to the World Cup game having a fanfest there the entire place was trashed, disgusting, and smelled like piss. There were barely any foreigners and there sure as hell weren’t any guys with their drums. We did a lap around the place before giving up and going home. I don’t have any pictures, didn’t bring my phone, but believe me when I say the place was everything it hadn’t been the week before. I just wanted to update after my thrilling post last week. My amazing and perfect night dies with that night. I think it might be better this way. The hype was too high and I don’t think it ever would’ve been topped anyway, nothing would live up to the week before. I think I would’ve only been more disappointed if it was close to it. I just feel bad for all the people I had been meeting, raving about samba night, and telling to go to it. Oops.


The entire city has become something else entirely. I’ve only been talking about the games when the city itself is a whole new place. It’s entirely over run by tourists (not really sure what I’m considered anymore). This means drinking and parties all night every night in the tourist areas, Barra primarily. It is so fun, it’s like senior week with other countries, being legal, cheap booze, and no open container laws.

20140617-162157-58917499.jpg FIFA workers on night shift.

Made a guest performance at an outdoor restaurant.

Canadians we befriended.

I’m surprised by the large amount of Australians and New Zealanders out here. We’ve met tons and they’re all great, and really cute. Accents kill me. The taxis have tried to jack up prices and one girl was in fact called “stupid” by a taxi driver when she fought with him. The bus drivers have been much nicer. I’m not sure how one got in his head that we were lost, we weren’t. He called his friend who speaks English, while driving a public bus, to find out how we were lost and how to help. I repeat, we were not lost.

Now, between all the free drinks, skinny dipping in the ocean, going on stage, hanging out on our dock, eating homemade cakes our maid makes for us, going to World Cup games and fan fests, working on our samba moves, and smashing bottles (well just me that one time) we have been still going to classes. Traffic has become a MESS and getting anywhere far is nearly impossible. Luckily, tomorrow is our last day of classes and then we’re completely free and maybe I can sleep for more than 2 hours.

Now for a new segment, what creative ways have the locals found to hit on us:
-We’re in the bus and they stick their head through the window while stopped in traffic to try to talk to us.
-Taxi drivers, with their passengers, creating a traffic jam to yell things at us.
-I only saw this one, but a bus driver honked and tried to wave and hit on a girl walking by. He was on shift with passengers.
-“Can I kiss you?”
-“your hair… So blonde” *reaches to touch my hair* (I am in no way blonde or let him touch my hair)
-“damn girl, you can shake that booty” (I was standing talking to my friend, there was no dancing involved at all)
-We’ve had line ups. They’ll wait until we chase the latest annoyers off so they can come talk to us, in turn.
-“I love you. Do you know what that means?! EU AMO VOCE”
-“PORTUGUESSAA?!” (Nope, not Portuguese)
-“Portuguese? Español? Ingles?” As a 40+ guy chases after me while I’m with my entire family at the mall, Brazilian mother, father, and roommate.
-The most common is simply, “where are you from?” Which can actually get super interesting “Oh where in the US? …. How do you say, vampires?” Yes in fact I am from Transylvania in Romania. That is correct.

Okay so they’re actually not creative, just have no boundaries and it’s actually hilarious when I’m intoxicated enough not to be annoyed. It’s easy to chase them off though, it’s not like it’s scary. Flattering even for the first 5 minutes. But now just really annoying.

Also, I have yet to see a riot. I’m disappointed, it’s whatever.