We got up to do another tour today but this one for Santiago, where we were staying. We started the tour in more of the historic district and it was amazing. Between the brand new buildings are these massive old beautiful mansions. A lot are too expensive so they’re just sitting there abandoned, others were bought by the government for the police station, etc. The government created this law that the fronts were not allowed to be torn down ever again, so instead people had to build back from the beautiful fronts with newer modern buildings. It created a strange but weirdly beautiful mix. 20140731-165908-61148692.jpg






We swing across town and it’s completely modern. The biggest sky scraper in South America is here along with Denny’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, Dunkin, Armani, and Longchamp. So strange.




We ended up wandering around this part of the city just shopping and hanging out. It’s probably the most expensive city I’ve been in in South America. It did have a ton of shopping though.

So this was the night before but it belonged with Santiago. We went out in this area called Bellavista. It’s across a river from the rest of town and really hip. It’s all meant for young people covered with bars and cafés. We found out through people about this thing called Miercoles Po. Apparently every week they have this massive party at a different club and is meant for foreigners traveling and they get in for free with proof. (Who else is out on a Wednesday anyway?) People were out here and there but there was no question which club was “Club Chocolate”. There was a massive line and tons and tons of people. It was just so cool that they put something together like this that people find out through social media to come together. We had a great time.


All in all, Chile wasn’t my favorite. But I was a fan of Santiago. We still had a good time and made the most of it.

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