The Real Paris (in my head)

At this point in the trip I was blown away by the palace of Versailles but not so much by Paris. Honestly, except for the certain structures I didn’t find the city any more impressive than London. I also really had it with the French. We had terrible experiences in almost every circumstance with any kind of French help. They were incredibly rude to us. I was openly scoffed at on the tube just for sitting there talking in English. When my friend started to ask, “Hello do you have…” in rough French the waiter responded by walking away mid sentence to grab an English menu and slam it in her face. She could only speak French roughly but she could hear it, and openly heard how badly they kept talking about us. Even the police officer during the gypsy event was talking about how annoying we were because we were speaking English. We quickly learned. If we spoke a third language first that they didn’t know they would respond in English. The same person that we heard speaking fine English would turn to us and pretend like they didn’t know what we were saying at all. SO, by murmuring Spanish they either couldn’t hear me or didn’t understand Spanish but either way didn’t think I was American and responded in great English.

By the time we got back from Versailles I was ready to go to bed but we wanted to see the one last thing: Sacre Coeur. We got a train into a rather ghetto side of the Sacre Coeur which ended up skipping about 75% of the hike up through Montmartre. We got some pictures and and went inside…











We wanted to see the sun set over the city but it was at a horrible diagonal the complete wrong way. This was as close as we got…


As we chased the view of the sunset down the mountain we went straight through Montmartre. Montmartre was everything I had always expected Paris to be. It was beautiful and cute and the people were still just as rude but not quite as much.










We kept walking down Montmartre until we hit….


After that we realized we hit everything on the map except for Arch de Triumph, so we took a quick tube over. I’m not sure what was going on but there were guards out and some kind of procession taking place with the anthem blaring.



Different arch, different city, feels the exact same.


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