Getting back to the U.S.

I guess I kind of left this off and didn’t conclude the trip. Whoops. I was supposed to have a 12-hour layover in Reykjavik, Iceland where I had a hostel, northern lights bus tour, and paragliding booked. I got to the airport and found out that no flights could get into Reykjavik due to weather conditions and they had just put me on a straight shot United flight back. So instead of seeing Iceland I got to explore the Heathrow Airport for a few hours and land earlier.

At first I kind of freaked out. I wasn’t expected to come back yet. I had all this booked in Iceland (refundable?). I was just shaken up and a little thrown off.

I quickly got my shit together. Thankfully the airport had 4 free hours of wifi. I got in contact with my aunt for when I would get into the airport (luckily she’s the best and it wasn’t an issue). I had to spend about $28 on a phone call to Iceland. I booked everything through the KEX hostel and the woman spoke English and was wonderful about it. I may have eaten some of the mince pies that were meant to be gifts… But otherwise it turned out okay. Icelandair was great about getting me on a flight and KEX was great about my cancellation. All I would go through again (and will) and I recommend.

So I’ve been back in school a couple days and I’m already in a deep post travel depression. Less than three weeks until I get to board a plane again. Thank god!

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